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Message Created

This event will be sent whenever a message gets created, for example when receiving or sending a message from/to a customer.

Event Name


Payload Fields

tostringThe channel-specific identifier of the message receiver
fromstringThe channel-specific identifier of the message sender
textstringThe text of the message
attachmentsstring[]The attachments of the message
statusstringThe status of the message. Can be only be received or sent
channelstringChannel identifier (e.g. whatsapp)
contact.uuidstringThe uuid of the contact associated to the message
createdAtstringDate of contact creation (ISO 8601 formatted)

Example Payload

"event": "message_created",
"payload": {
"to": "331122334455",
"from": "335544332211",
"text": "Hello",
"status": "received",
"channel": "whatsapp",
"contact": {
"uuid": "eb2b914a977e4ab896e7b886698b3eac"
"createdAt": "2022-10-18T12:06:29.000+02:00"